About Us

About us

AlAmaken Company for Education, Training & Investment

AlAmaken Company for Education, Training and Investment is a national company  with  global experience,  working in the field of school management , consultations and development of international and national  schools. We have our  own regional and international partnerships in the fields of education and training.

We Support and qualify private schools in Saudi Arabia to apply the latest educational standards for improving the quality  of education,  achieving the whole child development and achieving leadership in all aspects of life.

Our teams apply the latest tools and solutions in need analysis to specify areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and we develop an action plan for developing these schools or institutes based on these findings.

This includes specifying the administrative or technical supports needed for developing these schools or institutes and achieving the target quality and financial outcomes.

Al-Amaken Company for Education, Training and Investment  is also working ahead to have partnerships with investors in the sectors of education and training to achieve the best human and financial outcomes .Some of our partner schools are Reema international schools ,Nora international Schools and Dar Alshewifat International School.We believe that sound results emerge from sound education, and sound education comes from sound management. We are seeking to be the leaders in school management.

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