Investment work fields

Alamaken company for Education, training and investment works in the following fields:

Operating and managing national and international schools and training institutes.

Giving development consultations to national and international schools for the rebranding purposes and helping them achieve their missions. 

Facilitating partnerships between business men and business women who are  interested in investment in the area of education and training.

Organizing events for education investors from KSA or the Gulf area for discussing investment opportunities in education , exchanging success stories with national and international partners and establishing partnerships. 

Conducting monthly seminars for teachers and for stakeholders to be updated with the latest strategies in education, training and investment management .Alamaken company also helps to invite investors to have partnerships in opening branches for Alamken schools in the big cities in KSA.

Carrying out school rehabilitation and furnishing schools with the school furniture, educational and entertainment sets considering the safety standards.

Supplying high quality school uniform from the best Turkish uniform factories.

Teacher training in collaboration with international partners with a focus on assessing the training results.

Developing enrichment curricula using the latest methods in educational designs.

Developing websites , e-learning gates and cell phones applications